The Burbank Kid

Documentary • In Production

Starring: Austin Pope // @austinpope1

Directed by: John Schwer // @johnschwer

Austin Pope's basketball journey has had its detours, to say the least.


From dominating in silence at the high school level, to bouncing around the way-station of junior college basketball, to ultimately earning a Division 1 scholarship only to see it lost just weeks before the fall semester; he has always been motivated by one thing... the city he came from.


The city of Burbank is known for many things, but basketball is not one of them. Yet, instead of transferring to a different high school for more exposure, Austin chose to face the odds and stay home.


There is no question Pope is one of the most talented athletes to ever come from Burbank, which comes with an inherent Catch-22. Still, he has aspirations of playing professionally with the ultimate goal of the NBA.


However,  his dreams are not selfish. He wishes to expand the realm of possibility for the next generation of athletes from his city, and neglected athletes everywhere.


This film not only documents the journey of Austin Pope, but creatively reveals the deep connection between him and his city.